She has been writing

his Funeral Dirge

for years

decades maybe

Note by note

Swapping out Minor Chords

for Major ones

Playing with the meter

so that each mourner

will feel


how she feels

She takes her place

in the second pew

behind her children

and his second wife

Black veil


her face

The casket was hand hewned

from a single piece of redwood

The wood worker

has been shaping it

for years

decades maybe

It is a work of art

The wood worker nods

at her

as he takes his seat

The Organist

is seated t at the organ

red satin gloves

cover her

trembling hands

She nods to her

and begins to play

Each note

strikes a chord

with the gathering

as they wheel

that perfect redwood casket

toward the Altar

People begin tapping their toes

clapping their hands

heads are bobbing

shoulders moving to the beat

the infectious joyful beat

The Pall Bearers begin

dancing a jig

and soon everyone joins in

The Church

is filled


smiles and laughter

Note by note

she has been writing

his Funeral Dirge

so the gathering

could feel

exactly how his passing

makes her feel

and beneath her

veiled face

she smiles

as his Widow

whistles along.

Kathy Keogh


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