I know you’ll deny it
but I watched you
knock it off its pedestal
Now my heart
lay in pieces on the ground
I’m not shocked
to find yours
a scuff mark maybe
Mine broke its fall
You get a broom and dust pan
and begin sweeping up the rubble
comes from the part of my chest
that holds deep guttural sounds
I think the Irish call it keening.
“I can put it back together.”
You pretend to tie your shoe
and pick up a small piece of my heart
and slip it in your pocket
I google “How to fix a broken heart”
A Bee Gees song comes up
and a lot of nonsense about “time”
gathering up my shattered heart
I lay them on the table
Like pieces of a puzzle
I put them where they belong
As I fit the top right piece to the right side
a tear falls
and like glue fuses it
After many tears and “time”
my heart is almost whole
Perhaps someday
you’ll come back
and give me the piece
you took
Kathy Keogh.

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