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In front of me layuntold possibilitiesbeckoning to mearms outstretchedpromisingTomorrow can’t contain it’s joyand it calls to me.The past tapping on my shouldertugging at my sleevewhispering to meof faded loveand dreams undreamtand hurtand fears and doubtI stand frozeninertI hear a baby … Continue reading

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For Those Who’ve Seen The Wind

For Those Who’ve Seen The WindHatlessHair tousledKnowing looksWhile weThe unbelieversStand in windowless roomsArms foldedHair perfectly coifedWaiting for proof.Kathy Keogh

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We Live what We learn

We live what we learnso smile at your childrentie their shoestousle their hairTell them how great they areHow proud you are of themWe live what we learnso dry your son’s tearspick her uptell her she’s safetell him he’s lovedPlayLaughReadBe sillyCryBecause … Continue reading

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Silly Girls

When we were silly girlswe’d run to youspread blanketsand break bread in your sheltering shadeWe’d climb youand carve initialsand crooked heartsYou always whispering somethingin the rustling of your leavesSomething about Honorand Traditionand StrengthLightening took youyour trunk makes a fitting markerYou … Continue reading

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He built a proper pedestaland on it placed a womanHow did the folly of placing a mere womanon a pedestal escape him?He never thought of her as ‘mere’but perfect and goodto be admired like a work of artarm’s length awayin … Continue reading

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There were days you would have slain any dragon for me challenged any knight or dethroned any king for my hand But love is fickle and magic fleeting I see the dragons, they roam free, mocking me I will have … Continue reading

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